The Top Australian Dog Accounts (you need to be following on Instagram)

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Are you new to the dog community on Instagram? Ok, so you said you'd never be one of those people who has an account for your dog, but here you are. Believe us, there is no turning back now. It's addictive, highly satisfying and most of all a wonderful supportive community of dog lovers to be a part of. We've made your initiation easier by rounding up the accounts you need to follow!

The TOP 5 big game players

King Kingsley @kingkingsley

 Mini Dachshund

Aptly named the King, this mini dachshund has a staggering 130,000 followers. He brings the cute and the entertainment on another level. The King has one of those lives you look at with envy and wish it was you.. he's kind of like a Kardashian or Kardachshund should we say?? Either way, we can't look away.

Charlie and Frankie @charlieandfrankie_

 English Cocker Spaniels

Did someone say hair goals? This gorgeous cocker spaniel duo from Queensland has 62,000 followers and its not hard to see why. The feed is filled with stunning pictures and clever captions. They are fashion icons, only seen in the best of the best. Beware, you may fall deeply in love once you start following!

Badgal Peaches @badgal_peaches


Peaches brings the adorable! This teddy bear cavoodle has amassed 60,000 followers in just one year on the gram. This cutie has a side of sass which keeps us on our toes. If you want your feed filled with cute, give her a follow.

Rollo Shiba @rolloshiba

Rollo the Shiba

Here comes the serious entertainment! Rollo the Shiba is sky rocketing to fame with almost 43,000 followers. Brilliantly crafted images and videos which will have you coming back for more. Quirky outfits and the coolest tricks (we never get tired of watching that snoot!) Check out RolloTV and CosmoRollotan.

Frankie the Sausage @frankie.the.sausage

Frankie the Sausage Dog

Picture perfection. This feed is filled with gorgeous pictures of sweet mini dachshund Frankie. Apart from being aesthetically pleasing, Frankie has her own blog which we love. It’s filled with useful tips and advice – if you want to be the next instafamous pup, we suggest you check it out.

The TOP 5 next big things

These accounts already have an incredible following in their own right, and we see them as the next BIG game players!

Scout and Iggy @scout.and.iggy


This gorgeous brother and sister staffy duo are so. damn. cute and cheeky! To be honest, we were in the category of ‘not really understanding’ this breed before we found this account. Now we are absolutely in love! You’ll get an insight into how sweet and affectionate this breed of dog really is and believe us, you’ll be a convert.

Lady Fi @fiorellatheiggy

Lady Fi the Iggy

This iggy is the queen of sass and we love it! She will judge you with no mercy and lovingly refers to her parents as her slaves. With her trademark ‘side tongue’ and sassy attitude we promise she will keep you VERY entertained.

Fuji the Spitz @fujithespitz

Japanese Spitz

Fluffy. White. Cloud. If you aren’t already in love with the Japanese spitz breed, you will be after discovering this beautiful account. Stunningly curated stories and images will have you swooning. This account is ‘feed’ goals.


Panda Dog

Panda or dog? To be honest, we don’t care. This is one of the sweetest accounts we have come across. We love the insight into the whole picture perfect family here. Floki is also seen modelling some of the most gorgeous accessories out.

Eddy and Sam @eddyandsam

Pug x Chihuahua - Pug x Pomeranian

This adorable duo are always adventuring across Sydney and popping up in the coolest spots! Sam is constantly getting caught up to no good and we love watching the stories when he gets busted! We never thought we’d be so interested in seeing what a dog eats but this furmum has some serious food prep goals e.g breakfast today was ‘ Rabbit patty, chicken neck, coconut oil star, blueberries, strawberries, K9 Krunch’. Yes, these dogs eat better than us too.

BONUS follow

Dogs of Sydney @doggosofsydney

Like having a laugh? This clever account writes bios from the dogs perspective. It is hilarious and incredibly well-written! Check it out.

So there you have it, some of our favourite accounts to follow. That is simply the tip of an iceberg, you'll discover these and many more fantastic accounts on your journey. Happy gramming dog lovers!

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